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The Backlash went offshore today hunting for some tunas that everyone has been talking about.  They left nice and early with a great crew, heading out for the spring fishing grounds, which are still located a little further than summer time fishing grounds.  The tuna like the break in the water, so when the air temperatures are just beginning to warm up, that means the water break (in temperature) is still further offshore. 

After running for a little more than 3 hours, and roughly 70 miles offshore, they found some nice schools of blue and yellow fin tunas.  The yellows were a nice spring size, ranging from @ 30-40 lbs. and the bluefins had a HUGE size range! Bluefins were ranging from roughly 60-300 lbs!!! Yes, some of those huge winter bluefins were still hanging around.  The fish weren't super hungry, so the bites weren't as great as they (or we) were hoping, however, they had lots of interest in their baits from the fish, several nibbles, and a few hook ups! Also hanging around, while the guys were playing with the tuna were some dolphin!! Some gaffers had made their way into the water break, and were checking out all the bait trolling around.  After a gorgeous day on the water, 5 yellowfin were caught, 1 bluefin (@300 lbs) was broke off at the back of the boat, and 6 gaffers were landed.  A nice day on the water for the beginning of spring/summer season.

There unfortunately aren't any pictures, since the boat got back in WAYYY after we closed.  They ran into the rain storm on their way in, so they slowed way down, just to be safe.  We made radio contact with them to ensure their safety, and they were just slow and steady towards the dock.  However, the trip yesterday seemed to have geared up everyone's desire for more tuna, dolphin, and soon enough MARLIN!!

So start planning your trip or trips now. Make some calls, plan some fishing, because if you miss out on offshore fishing this summer... you will definitely regret it!!

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Even though today is a bit windy, and a bit chilly, the High Hopes headed out with some students from Geogetown for a fun day of hanging out with friends, and fishing! Staying close to the docks because of the weather, the customers are having a bunch of fun catching puppy drum with the crew! The boat is sending us pictures as they are catching, so if more pictures come in, we will definitely put some more up!




Tautog: 10 lbs 11 oz caught by William James Pappas of Virginia Beach, VA


Finally some awesome weather!! Warm weather, lots of sun, and even the rain is happening while it is warm out.... gives us all hope that SUMMER is right around the corner...... HELLO SPRING (FINALLY!!)

The waters are finally starting to warm up a little bit, and are cooperating with us for some nice inlet trips.  Although the fish aren't huge, its a great eating fish, that is fun for everyone to catch! Great trip for the family, and the kids! Four hour trips start at $650 (cash price for 6 people).  Trips are available daily! Call us for more information or to book a trip.

There was also a nice sighting of an awesome tautog that made its way to our scales! A nice big size that shows that there are plenty of good taugs out there for catching... and eating! The head boats have been having some decent luck on their 3/4 day trips right now, although the fishing is still just picking up.  But nonetheless, there are some big ones out there! Take a look at the photos below! Congrats!!



Tautog: 10 lbs 8 oz caught by Mathew Brickhouse of Virginia Beach, VA

The Tautog are finally starting to show up! We had a private boat pull in to weigh a few and one made citation size. Tautog, also called Blackfish, are a really good eating fish and definitely fun to catch while we all await the warmer water temperatures. The run to catch them isn't as far as an offshore deep-drop trip so this is an ideal fishery if you are looking for a shorter trip to entertain your family or friends.


We had an offshore deep drop charter boat head out today.  They had some beautiful weather, that MORE THAN COOPERATED with their trip!!! And no one could have asked for better temperatures than we have had this week, and over the next few days! Yay for no more snow!!  The black bellied rose fish made a great trip with their quantity and they are more than just good eating... they are AMAZING to eat!!! The barrell fish also added some weight to the trip; and allowed the anglers to really get some arm strength going.  To round out the trip there were also a few streamer bass caught... streamer bass are generally VERY rare and they can almost be mistaken for a black bellied rose fish if you don't look carefully... the difference is the pink streamers that are coming right off of their sides. Check them out!

We will keep updating as the trips start heading out more this season!! Or you can always call us to check out what has been happening lately.



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